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Julian Cochran, Mindspace Concert

The great Australian composer, Julian Cochran (b. 1974) was formally trained as a pure mathematician; however, at the age of fourteen, received a scholarship to Adelaide's Elder Conservatorium for advanced piano studies. Following this Cochran taught himself to play many instruments, some of them virtuosically, and this foundation of folk-music and melodic invention remained central to Cochran's compositional approach. Cochran's music is today performed all over the world, from Carnegie Hall to Amsterdam's Concertgebouw and St. Petersburg's Philharmonic Hall, and continues to inspire an increasing number of pianists. The public's affection with Cochran is drawn from the remarkable inner logic interlaced throughout the music, an often present dance-like characteristic, and together its mysteriousness and refined opulence. 


The mission of the Julian Cochran Foundation is to introduce the works of Julian Cochran to classical musicians and the public at large.​

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