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People, Places and Technology

People, Places and Technology are the three main pillars that support our mission and inform our choice of projects and partnerships in the local communities. The three areas of action intertwine in most of our projects and help us, so we believe, create more wellbeing in the lives of people and local communities. We care about people’s health and education and therefore invest in the betterment of health services and educational opportunities for all. Our aim is to help reduce healthcare disparities and education inequalities in underserved communities.


Reflecting the Globalworth commitment to create work environments that feel like home our Foundation’s social work also focuses on creating places where people can grow, learn help one another, gather and build community.


When investing in technology, we still have people in mind: by encouraging technological innovation we aim to improve people‘s access to proper healthcare, quality education and to enriching learning or working environments.

Georgiana Iliescu
Executive Director at Globalworth Foundation

The Globalworth Foundation is committed to helping the community grow in three directions: people,  places and technology, and the Bridge to the future program is the perfect example for the first - a program that helps talented young people grow. A society without art cannot be a healthy society. The healing power of art and music lies in the capability to tell human stories, inspire empathy and help us navigate complex situations like the COVID crisis, so we see an impulse in our contribution to Bridge to the future program, meant to bring oxygen to the Polish cultural community.


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