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admissions are closed



We are very happy that you want to apply to the "Bridge to the future - Young Artists support fund" scholarship program, a project co-organized by Globalworth Foundation and Julian Cochran Foundation .


How the application to the program works? It is very easy!  


stage I

  1. Read the competition rules and complete

      the short application form.  


The survey will bring us closer to your profile. It will help us learn about your biggest musical dreams and plans related to the scholarship and career development (pay particular attention to point 9).


The questionnaire should be completed by October 30, 2021 at 23:30


  1. After receiving your form, we will send you a message with a link to one question.

  2. Click on the link and record your 45-second response in the Videoask application (you can record it multiple times before the final submission). The Videoask application is free, no registration is required.  


Record your reply by October 30, 2021 at 23:59


A jury composed of representatives of art and business will select 48 artists qualified for the next stage.


Results of the first stage will be announced  by November 10, 2021  on Julian Cochran Foundation's social media and at  


stage II


Submit a 10-15 minute video showing us your musical skills.  


ATTENTION! You will have a few days to submit your video!

We are convinced that many of them were created during the pandemic :)


All submitted recordings must be registered no earlier than June 1, 2020.


Movie instruction:  


  1. The video cannot be edited (both audio and video).

  2. The repertoire is free.

  3. Your face must be visible in the video.

  4. The film must be made no earlier than June 1, 2020.

  5. Each piece performed by you may be recorded as a separate file.

  6. Each work you perform can be recorded as a separate file.

  7. The video should be placed by you on the YouTube website. Make sure you set the video as unlisted. Your task will be to send us his link.

  8. When placing your video, remember to give it an appropriate title: composer, name of the work, artist.


The task should be completed by November 15, 2021 until 23:59


The Jury of the 2nd stage will be composed of 3 outstanding people

from the world of classical music:  

  • David Watkin (UK)

  • Yejin Gil (South Korea/Germany) 

  • Benjamin Woodroffe (Australia)  


Each participant of the 2nd stage will receive feedback on the sent recording.


An international jury will select 15 people,

who will receive a scholarship of 2,000 euro.  


Second stage results: December 6, 2021 | will be announced  Julian Cochran Foundation's social media and

admissions are closed

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